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I've got some fucking Jaffa Cakes in my coat pocket!!

indie eski grrl
23 December
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I'm a PR student with a very short attention span. Ooh look wrestling!

99p challenge, absinthe, air, alexander scheer, amy winehouse, andrew lincoln, androgyny, animal farm, ash, asian dub foundation, audio bullys, badly drawn boy, baking bread, basement jaxx, beading, beatles, belle & sebastian, ben ottewell, berries, bjork, black books, blur, britain, britpop, brokeback mountain, catatonia, cerys matthews, cherries, chocolate, coldplay, cooking, coronation street, crazy titch, customising clothes, dandy warhols, dizzee rascal, doc marten boots, doves, duran duran, edgar wright, elastica, elbow, electric soft parade, erin o'connor, erotic gerkins, europe, everything but the girl, eye liner, flares, fonts, fuzz townsend, gael garcia bernal, garbage, genki, george orwell, glitter, glitter glue pens, gomez, gorillaz, hating courtney love, high llamas, indie boys, jaffa cakes, jamie oliver, jessica stevenson, joy division, kano, lady sovereign, lemon jelly, little britain, london, m.i.a., manics, mark lamarr, missy elliot, ms dynamite, muse, nail polish, new order, nick frost, nineteen eighty four, nirvana, oasis, panjabi hit squad, paris, paul frank, paul smith, peter serafinowicz, pj harvey, placebo, pulp, queen, radiohead, rasputin, reading, red wine, riot grrls, rolling stones, royle family, sex pistols, shaun of the dead, shirley manson, sigur ros, simon pegg, siobhan donaghy, skinnyman, sonnenallee, sons of silence, spaced, stenciling, stereophonics, steve lamacq, stone roses, sugababes, summer breezes, super furry animals, supergrass, sylvia plath, t-rex, talkshow boy, tatty devine, teenage fanclub, tequila, terry's chocolate orange, the bill (pre 1999), the cranberries, the kinks, the office, the osbournes, the royle family, the streets, the verve, the who, travis, u2, vodka, watermelon, white stripes, white teeth, wiley, writing poetry and stories, yeah yeah yeahs, zadie smith, zakee shariff